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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text documents that contain anonymous information; they are sent by the website and they are stored on your hard drive. These data may contain information about your browser, your device type, the operating system etc. Cookies have an expiration date, thus we will periodically ask for your permission. Moreover, cookies do not harm your computer or mobile device in any way or the files stored there, neither do they have access to any of your files. Cookies are not about your identity. It's about your device, this is why they might be used for device identification purposes.

How do we use cookies?

We use Google Analytics Cookies, designed to provide the search engine with anonymous information regarding your experience on our website. These data allow us to better understand our website visitors and ultimately to improve the website. All information is anonymous and they mostly refer to the number of website visitors, the visit duration, the pages visited etc.If you need more information about cookies please visit: cookie-usage.

How can I manage cookies?

If you wish to remove or deactivate cookies, you can easily do it through your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc). The exact process is defined by each browser, so look at the browser setting for more information. Also, you can learn more here: how-to-control-cookies